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6 Δεκ 2011

Report on demos commemorating Alexis' assassination by police officer

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21:05 People have gathered for the pre-planned memorial service on the spot where the young boy was shot by riot police officer 3 years ago
21:00 Random clashes across Exarchia district of Athens. Police forces have used strong teargas making the air unbearable. 
20:50 Thessaloniki: Four university students suffering head injuries from police are waiting to be taken by an ambulance 
20:45 Clashes broke up in Volos as well during #6dgr demo. 10 people have been detained in Thessaloniki up til now. A man's shoulder has been reportedly dislocated as was severely hit by police.

Volos pic by @protothema

20:30 Thessaloniki: 6-5 people detained 
20:17 Thessaloniki: police forces attempt to break the demo. Teargas and clashes. Local residents chant slogans outside their balconies with protesters on the streets
20:00 Youths hurled stones to police officers who responded with teargass in Exarchia district of Athens where young Alexis lost his life 3 years ago. Bins set alight as fire smoke makes the air bearable from teargas fired by police
19:49 The crowd has split off into 3 parts. Syntagma sq now outside the parliament is now calm.
pic by @cocobilly
19:36 Random protesters keep hurling petrol bombs at riot police officers who respond by firing tear gas
19:32 Youths hurling molotov coctail at police officers outside the parliament
pic by @cocobilly

19:00 Demonstrators in Athens and Thessaloniki started marching. Estimated crowd size at 3000 and 1500 respectively.

Athens: Demonstrators heading to Syntagma pic @patsiko_

18:20 2000 people already gathered in Propylaia for the second wave of demonstrations by lefties and anti-authoritarians. 

pic by @patsiko

At least 2000 students marched to the parliament today, to commemorate Alexis Grigoropouloschanting slogans and holding banners - one of them saying "money for the banks, bullets for the youths". Clashes occurred after a while, with a few demonstrators tearing up paving stones to throw at police officers who responded with tear gas and flash grenades. Nine people have been reportedly arrested and 6 others detained, while 8 protesters suffer minor injuries. In the areas of Chalandri, Galatsi and Patision, youths hurled Seville oranges and stones at the police stations. Clashes broke out in Haidari as well. Plainclothes police officer accompanied with riot police, entered Nosotros - antiauthoritarian group's premises in Exarchia district of central Athens- for investigation.

Demos were hold beyond Athens though. The town hall in the province of Agrinio was occupied by students and two people were detained in the northern city of Thessaloniki. 

For today's rallies and marches there have been deployed 5000 police officers across the capital city. Authorities have thrown a cordon of riot police buses outside the parliament and will be taking the same security measures as they did a few weeks ago during Nov 17 demos to mark 1973 student uprising against the dictatorship: stop-and-search tactics along with preventive detentions. 

Students demo in central Athens pic by @mp_anana

metal fence blocking Vas. Sofias ave outside the parliament Pic by @mp_anana

Clashes outside the parliament 

Youths detained in the northern city of Thessaloniki 


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