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5 Δεκ 2011

Dec 6, 2011: demos to mark 3 years since Alexis' assassination

It was Dec 6, 2008 when the fatal injury of a 15 years old boy by a policeman in central Athens, went viral and sparked civil unrest on an unprecedented scale. Youths flooded the streets of the capital and footage of blazing cars, smashed window displays and clashes with riot police was on the news. The unrest spread quickly in various cities across the country, followed by occupations of GSEE Trade Confederation's premises, schools, university campuses, Journalists' Union of Athens Daily Newspapers building, city halls and National Opera. 

What happened back then was not a mindless disorder, it was undoubtedly a political statement. The pull was triggered and public anger went over the top, over police mistrust, a series of financial scandals, leader's inability to tackle immigration issues, rising unemployment and dreams for a better future falling apart. Dec 6, 2008 is a key date for social movements in Greece, it's the starting point of a slow but profound radicalization springing up in various sections of society.

On Dec 6, 2011, three years after the controversial police shooting over Alexis Grigoropoulos, rallies and marches will be held in various cities across Greece, from school/uni students, workers and youths, to commemorate the young boy. Police is reportedly expected to take strict measures and a steel fence will be put in front of the parliament, as the budget voting is on board. Two tube stations (Syntagma & Panepistimio) will remain closed.

Students' marches in central Athens will start at 11:30 and anti-authoritarian groups along with lefties will rally at 18:00. For the day's full schedule please check here.

Athens' giant Christmas tree burns in front of the Greek parliament on December 8, 2008 pic by John Kolesidis


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