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28 Νοε 2012

An exhibition about police violence in Zürich: to be continued

source, follow-up from here

Between 21 and 24 November we realised, as announced, our first photo exhibition in Zurich. Quite out of the blue a team at the University of Zurich, that organised a festival for left, science and resistance, asked us to present some of our material. At the time there was no material, no photos, no ways to present anything, no blogs, no leaflets, no names not anything. Everything was setup with your help in a very limited time. But that’s the way things get started.

Our initiative has received significant publicity. We got feedback from lots of people and teams of Greeks around Europe that had something similar in mind and asked us to coordinate. In a next post we will describe our new idea.

The visitors of the exhibition had strange reactions. In principle, older people seemed more sensitive. The subject attracted strongly their attention and stared at the photos in despair. Some of the younger folks had only a superficial interest. There was, nevertheless, a number of people that was really impressive: not only they knew the subject matter and showed a vivid interest, but also seemed to have a special relationship with Greece, even speaking Greek. Some youngsters that had friends in Greece and spent time there offered to help and provided us with ideas on venues in Zurich where we could present the next exhibition.

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