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27 Νοε 2012

A 17y.o. youth shot dead by a policeman in the Netherlands

by @iptamenos33

A 17y.o. youth was shot dead by a policeman in The Hague, Netherlands, on Saturday 24 November in the morning,  at the Holland Spoor Railway Station.

Police got to the Railway Station, after it was denounced that an armed man was around.
The young boy was at one of the platforms, when the policemen asked him to put hands on the air. The boy moved his hands to his wrist, and then a policeman shot him. The boy succumbed to his injuries later in hospital.

During the weekend, the State police took statements from witnesses. Prosecutors said they got pictures and that a post-mortem examination was conducted. They also reported that the young man did not carry a weapon.

A silent march took place on Sunday evening:150 people attended. It was organized by friends of the boy and ended up at the platform where the boy was shot.

It was the fifth time this year that someone was fatally hit by a policeman's bullet. Last year five fatal incidents involving police officers were reported.


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