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9 Ιαν 2013

Villa Amalias re-occupation attempt - Skaramaga squat also evacuated


23:50 Solidarity demo in Thessaloniki was hit at no reason by riot police. People were dispersed. [via alterthess]
Meanwhile charges to the arrested have been upgraded from  misdemeanors to felonies, because of application of the law forbidding faces to be covered.

23:45 The assembly at the Polytechnic University is over; protest at the Court, where the arrested will be transfered, tomorrow at 1am. 20:44 Demonstration now in Athens (Alexandras avenue, at Police Headquarters) and the city of Giannena

photo by @serk01

20:30 The 8 people arrested at Skaramaga squat are charged with breach of peace, insult and resistance to authorities.
On the other hand 18 lawyers denounce that police denies them contact with the arrested.
 19:10 1500 people at protest in front of Athens Police Headquarters according to @potmos

18:40 Solidarity protest at Athens Police Headquarters. A new assembly is scheduled for 9 am. (local time).

17:00 Hundreds of people remain in the area around the Skaramaga squat. Massive participation to the Assembly in Polytechnic University. There will probably be a demo to the Athens police headquarters. There is a solidarity protest scheduled for 18hrs (local time). [via @alterthess]

16:45 92 people were arrested during this morning's police intervention at Villa Amalias. Seven arrests are reported from the police intervention at the Skaramaga squat. People remain on spot.

Greek police's video from the intervention at Villa Amalias below:

photo @MakisSinodinos
16:30 It is now confirmed that about one hour ago (15 pm local time) police invaded another squat in downtown Athens (Skaramaga) and evacuated it. According to several sources, seven people were arrested. Activists in solidarity remain in the area, where police forces are also present.

Around 40 people tried to re-occupy the Villa Amalias squat building in downtown Athens early this morning. Police intervened immediately, and (presence of an attorney is not confirmed for the moment), they broke the front door and entered the building. Police proceeded to 80 detentions. People remained on the spot for some time in solidarity with the squat and the detained.

photo @MakisSinodinos
Shortly after 9 am, some 40 people occupied the premises of Democratic Left, which are situated close to the Villa Amalias squat. They hang a banner, distributed tracts and shouted slogans. Police intervened again, proceeding to more detention.

The total number of detentions exceeds 150, 101 of which were transformed into arrests.

Another solidarity protest took place around 12.30 in front of the Ministry of Finances at Syntagma.

Syriza spokesperson found the re-occupation attempt surprising, as the building was supposed to be guarded.

Democratic Left stated in a communiqué that the occupation of their premises was unacceptable and antidemocratic, but they said they would place no indictment.

As a reminder, it is important to mention that the Villa Amalias squat exists for 22 years now and has always been a community open to the local people and the area, organising soup kitchens, cultural events, political interventions and being very active in the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement. It is important to note that the squat is situated in the middle of a rather poor area, where many immigrants live and Golden Dawn has also been very active lately.

The building dates of the 19th century and officially belongs to the School Building Organisation, a public service dealing with school buildings. The squatters have been taking care of it and curating it for the past 22 years, that's why the Organisation has been tolerating them.

Police had invaded Villa Amalias in the daybreak of 20 December, in presence of an attorney, further to an anonymous call denouncing drug trafficking in the squat. Eight people were arrested, initially charged with crimes; three of them were later dismissed and the remaining five were set free with no bail but with only the obligation of presenting themselves to a police station once per month.

At that time, the Minister had called the squat "a center of illegal activities". For all this time several solidarity demonstrations and other events have taken place all around Greece.

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