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18 Φεβ 2012

LIVE BLOG on #We_Are_All_Greeks_Now demos

A wave of demonstrations under the slogan "We are all Greeks now" is taking place this afternoon in various cities across Europe and on the other side of the pond, where the Occupy Wall Street movement began. The list with the cities where people plan to march in solidarity with Greek people's struggle against the austerity is long: Milan, Helsinki,Cologne, London, Dublin, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Reykjavík, Barcelona, Lisboa, New York, Coimbra and name a few. If you wish to check each city's meeting point, please click here

For twitter updates follow #weareallgreeks  #18fgr and #rbnews hashtags. 
This post will be updated with pics and videos
London via @Koufalitakis_M

Paris via @corraface
Paris via @cecile433

Edinburgh via @apostolos1986
Amsterdam via @philipkhoury
London via
18:20 People of all ages joined Paris demo along with twenty left-wing organizations, summing up to 3000. To name a few: Union Syndicales de Solidarite, French CNT, indignants 
Amsterdam via @erikwesselius

Frankfurt by K.E on facebook
 Catalunya Square in Barcelona via @auditoria15M
Barcelona via @auditoriadeuda
Amsterdam via @erikwesselius
20:13 Around 250 people joined the demo in Catalunya Square - Barcelona, half of them from 15M movement

Berlin via @VeriasA

Videos of demo in Barcelona by @holyloop 


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