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7 Δεκ 2011

#freemenacius : hashtag for arrested @Menacius

Information on the young tweeterer arrested during the riots around Exarcheia square in downtown Athens on 6 December, is being delivered under the hashtag #freemenacius on twitter. @menacius is a well-known for his action on social networks activist (member of the initiative “A ship for Gaza and contributor to Omnia TV); according to eyewitnesses, he was arrested with absolutely no reason. For the moment, and while he is expected to meet the Procurator, together with other arrested protesters, humor is prevailing in the Greek social networks concerning this topic, covering thoroughly how indignant are those who know him personally and confirm that he is definitely a peaceful and harmless person.

Omnia TV is stressing out the following:

“Omnia TV’s editor and member of the Administration team, known under the nickname Menacius, is among those arrested [during the riots]. At the moment of his arrest, he was covering the demonstrations. He was arrested while the riot police was attacking using tear gas, and as a result the reportage has been translated into “peace disturbance, attempt to cause injuries, violation of the weapons law (for allegedly throwing stones and being part of a team throwing Molotov bombs)”.

PRESS RELEASE of the Initiative “A ship for Gaza”
Athens, 7 December 2011

On the third anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos’ assassination, Papademos government ordered the police to return on the spot of crime.
As usual, the riot police invaded the Exarcheia district and proceeded to random arrests; among those arrested is also A.D., member of the Initiative “A ship for Gaza”.
Our comrade came out of the premises of the Initiative, in order to cover the events, as a contributor to the information work of the alternative web TV station “Omnia TV”. It is widely known that the repression forces are not fond of their “work” being covered and their violent acts and violation of law being registered for the media; the proof is the numerous journalists having been injured during the last years. So, A.D. is now found in the hands of the police, with his camera and material confiscated and himself being attributed absurd charges, like peace disturbance, weapons law violation (i.e. stones) and participation in a team throwing Molotov bombs, aiming at deliberate injuries. His only weapon was actually his camera.
Our comrade and the other arrested will meet the Procurator today.
We call for a protest of solidarity.

We demand that our comrade and the other arrested are immediately set free and that the completely unjustified charges are withdrawn.

Initiative “A ship for Gaza”

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