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16 Ιαν 2013

Another police intervention to a squat in Athens

Less than a week after the Greek police's second attack against Villa Amalias squat and the evacuation of Skaramaga squat, and only 3 days after the big demonstration in solidarity to all squats in Greece, the Greek police invaded another one yesterday. This time it was the Lelas Karagianni squat turn in downtown Athens, next to a flea market.

Shortly after noon, police forces entered the Lelas Karagianni squat and arrested 16 people on the roof of the building, while a police helicopter was hoovering above their heads. The detained people were brought to the Athens Police Headquarters for "a control", while other policemen conducted a research in the building. Many people gathered in front of the squat building in solidarity to the arrested, who were released some hours later, as no evidences came out. A solidarity demo took place in the afternoon and an assembly was also organised.

These events took place after police interventions to other similar self-organised spaces, like Villa Amalias (hit twice), Skaramaga squat, Radio Entassi in the Athens Economics University and Xanadu squat in the north of the country. Further to the police interventions to the first two, 92 people have been arrested and charged with felonies.  

It is interesting to point out that the building of Lelas Karagianni squat belongs to the Athens University; according to the rector's press release, no request for investigation was made by the University, nor were its authorities informed about the police plans. 

On the same day, police tried to attack the occupation of Tachydromiko Tamieftirio Bank, also in Athens. The occupation had started three days before by the employees, as a protest against the imminent privatisation of the bank. Later in the evening, one person was detained outside the YFANET squat in Thessaloniki, during a random control that police was conducted on passer-by people, while an assembly was taking place in the squat. 

On Saturday 12 January, big demonstrations were held in solidarity to the evacuated squats and the arrested people. In Athens, the demonstration was very massive with the participation of about 10.000 people, whereas 2000 people demonstrated in Thessaloniki.

Check out photos from the police intervention to Lelas Karagianni squat here, and from the diverse activities that were organised in it here. A video on the intervention and the solidarity gathering can be found here

[sources: #rbnews tweets]

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