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30 Σεπ 2012

#rbnews international weekly show #1 - 29/09/2012

The English-language show on @radiobubblenews, hosted this week by @IrateGreek and @Pexlibanis. We discuss
  • the anti-austerity demonstration on 26 September and subsequent arrests (guest: Chrysa Petsimeri), 
  • the Geron Pastitsios blasphemy arrest, 
  • a massive case of money laudering involving several prominent Greek politicians (guest: @Okeanews), 
  • news from Belgium and the rest of Europe (guest: @Krotkie).
You can listen to the podcast after the jump. 

The songs heard during the show are: 
  • Sesame Street: The Pasta Song
  • Jacques Dutronc: L'Opportuniste
  • Mikis Theodorakis/Pablo Neruda: La United Fruit Company
  • Jacques Brel: Le plat pays qui est le mien. 

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