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24 Νοε 2011

Greek electricity company's building occupied for 4 days

pic by @galaxyarchis
(Wed Nov 23) It's the fourth day in a raw since Sunday when Public Power Corporation's premises were occupied by the company's workers' union (GENOP). The union members have shut down the company's computer system, in an attempt to halt issuance of electricity cut notice, for those households that fail to pay the controversial property tax, which is collected through power bills. 
PPC administration and the minister of Environment asked for prosecutor's intervention who gave yesterday evening, a 3hours deadline to vacate the site. GENOP union's president N.Fotopoulos when speaking with the press though, stressed out that the union would not back off. On top of that, there 've been two unsuccesful attempts to put the system back into operation, when the company's management* accompanied with electricians, dropped by the building to discuss with union reps. 

Lefties, representatives of local government, people from communities' assemblies and political disobedience movement "I am not paying", as well as students, and trade union reps, have showed up outside the occupied premises in solidarity with GENOP. Yesterday, leaders of left-wing parties,  A.Papariga and A.Tsipras, appeared on the spot, expressing their opposition to the property tax when interviewed by journalists.
While typing these lines, a bin is set alight to keep people warm as they plan to stay overnight, safeguarding the site from possible police intervention.

*once by the site's manager and another from the General Manager of distribution division, N.Aravantinos along with the HR Director G.Triantafillides - source:

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